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It can take several hours for someone to be processed, or “booked” in. Once booked, they either wait to go to probable cause , or “PC”, court at 8am (for some new charges), or they may be bonded out if they have already had a bond amount set. Lastly, once the bond is posted, it can take anywhere from two to eight hours for the county jail to process the inmate out.

The person bonded out of jail is required to report to their bail bonding office in person within twenty four hours of their release from jail, or the next regular business day after 9am.  Cosigner paperwork can be processed via email or fax.

Misdemeanors, the Montgomery County, County Courthouse, is located at:

210 West Davis

Conroe, Texas, 77301

Felonies, the Montgomery County District Courthouse is located at

301 North Main

Conroe, Texas, 77301

Active warrants for traffic tickets may be confirmed by calling the Montgomery County Sheriff Department Warrant Division at 936-760-5884. Hit option “2” and then “1” and they will connect you with the JP clerk.  For criminal warrants, only attorneys and bail bonding companies may call the warrant division on your behalf.  Misdemeanors can be searched online at the above county clerk link and some felonies are listed at the above district clerk link.

Bonds are no longer accepted on traffic tickets. You must contact the court that issued the ticket to arrange payment with them.  For criminal warrants, you can do what is called a “walk through” or “in and out”.  Basically, your bail bonding company helps you turn yourself into jail along with your bond so that you will be in and out of jail with a new court date in about 1-3 hours.  Contact AZ Bailbonds at 936-756-0660 if you need to arrange a walk through or have any other questions.

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